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With a long experience of Management and Command & Control systems both within Telecom and the Defense industry, we can help you analyze and design high complexity systems. We have experience with working with all kinds of systems, from simple sensors through information collection and handling, to advanced presentation and management systems. Design of a complete system of systems, with analysis of needed information exchange, storage and handling is one of our specialties. Security is always in focus.

At eXeri, we strive to see large systems both as a single entity and as all the subsystems that form it. This gives us an eagles-eye perspective of what all the system parts really contribute with, but also what problems may arise due to their role, interfaces and implementation. As we want to see the system from a total life cycle perspective, we do not only see the best way of developing systems but also how they shall be operated and maintained.

We have high expertise within Security, and are able to help with a thorough Security Analysis of any of your systems. The analysis is always based on the system’s purpose and value, and starts with a threat analysis rather than trying to pinpoint the exact weaknesses that may exist. This will come at a later stage, connected to an analysis of what threat/weakness combination that may cause the highest damage. Not only technical vulnerabilities are handled, but also weaknesses in processes, competence and responsibilities. We can also help you adapt to Security standards and requirements, as ISO 27000, SOX etc.

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